#GivingTuesday Alumni Fellowship

Lania Knight, fiction, IL
Jessica Maffia, drawing, NY            

Harpo Foundation Native American Fellowships

Rachel Mulvihill, painting, AK
James Angello, sculpture, CA

Hemera Foundation Tending Space Fellowships

Jesse Bercowetz, sculpture, NY
Sebastian Collett, photography, NC
Jinzhe Cui, video/drawing, AB, Canada
Sherre deLys, sound art/installation,  Australia
Jonathan Harris, digital, NY
Noa Jones, fiction, NY
Nancy Kates, film, CA
Ha-Yang Kim, music composition, WA
Allison Svoboda, painting, IL
Itoro Udofia, writing, performance, CA 

James Merrill Poetry Fellowships

Adam Fell, poetry, WI
Russell Dillon, poetry, NY
Emily Vizzo, poetry, CA

The Swan Fellowship

Monica Raymond, poetry, MA

UMass Amherst Alumni Fellowship in Poetry

Leora Fridman, poetry, MA

Voices Rising Fellowship

Gwendolyn Mintz, fiction, NM

Helen Zell Residency Fellowships

Hannah Webster, poetry, MI
Warner Wood, poetry, MI

Zeta Orionis Fellowship

Laura Moriarty, painting, NY

Zoland Poetry Fellowships

Jennifer Murray, fiction, CT  
Tafisha Edwards, poetry, DC  
Nick Harp, poetry, MI

Vermont Studio Center (VSC) Fellowships

DeMisty Bellinger-Delfel, poetry, MA
Emilie Bernard, drawing, QC, Canada         
Allison Davis, poetry, CA
Francis Davis, fiction, MT, 
Douglas Degges, painting, IA
Nikita Deshpande, fiction, Mumbai, India
Don Edler, sculpture, CA
Aaron Francis, fiction, CA
Dan Gunn, sculpture, IL
Megan Harrison, painting, TX
Jenalee Harmon, sculpture, CA
Andrew Hladky, painting, London, Great Britain
Lillian Hoover, painting, MD
Julie Iromuanya, fiction, IL
Sara Jiminez, sculpture, NY
Lauren Kalman, sculpture, MI
Woomin Kim, sculpture, IL
Andrew Mister, drawing, mixed-media, NY
Melanie Pankau, painting, IL,
Brittany Powell, photography, CA    
Su Smallen, poetry, MN  
Anna Vodicka, non-fiction, WA
Thomas Wharton, painting, GA
Cosmo Whyte, drawing, mixed-media, MI
Tyler Wilkinson, painting, IN

The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers (ALSCW) Fellowship

Clare Wu, fiction, MD

Artists Supporting Artists

Reiko Hamano, sculpture, NY  
Michael Koliner, sculpture, PA

Boston University Fellowship

Roeya Amigh, mixed-media, NY

Civil Society Institute Fellowship

Mindy Magyar, sculpture, DC

Concordia University Fellowships
Charles C. Gurd Artist Residency Awards for Concordia University
Jeanette Johns, printmaking, QC, Canada  

Concordia University Fine Arts Residency Award 
Adrian Norvid, painting, QC, Canada