Timeline for the Kowalsky project:

August-September 2016
Kowalsky Barn Deconstruction

October-November 2016
Groundbreaking and start of Construction- site work, site utilities, excavation, foundations and slabs, relocate Annex, demolition at West wall of Kowalsky House

December 2016-January 2017
Construction Continues- structural framing, exterior doors and windows, weathertight envelope, winterize

February-March 2017
Construction Continues- Interior framing and sheetrock, mechanical systems and equipment, interior walls and doors,

April-May 2017
Construction Continues- interior and exterior finishes, millwork, plumbing fixtures, lighting, landscaping

May 15, 2017
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

June 2017
Construction close-out, building commissioning & systems tuning, Punch List execution

We have worked closely with our construction team to minimize disruptions to campus life throughout this period. Construction will take place during normal daytime business hours (weekdays only, beginning no earlier than 7:30am and ending no later than 5:00pm), and all of our campus spaces outside of the immediate construction zone will remain fully operational.


Read below for up-to-date construction news: