Visiting Artists & Writers Program

VSC's residency format includes six distinguished Visiting Artists and Writers per month. Each Visitor offers a public slide talk or reading, and is available for a private studio visit/writing conference with residents working in their medium/genre. Visiting Writers also offer a craft talk for the writing residents.

Below is the list of our 2015 Visiting Artists and Writers, in order of public talk date. Each Visiting Artist and Writer spends 5 days on campus actively engaging with the VSC community.


"A" Session (1/4-1/17):

Sarah Amos                                                                      
David Huddle
Rebecca Welz

"B" Session (1/17-1/30):

Phillip Lopate
Ward Shelley
Brian Bress



"A" Session (2/1-2/14)

Aracelis Girmay
William Villalongo
Will Lamson

"B" Session (2/14-2/27)

Heide Fasnacht
Jill Moser
Bonnie Jo Campbell



"A" Session (3/1-3/14)

Brian Teare
José Lerma
Richard Rezac

"B" Session (3/14-3/27)

Rosemarie Fiore
Melissa Meyer
Edward Hirsch



"A" Session (3/29-4/11)

Jean Valentine
Angela Dufresne
Xenobia Bailey

"B" Session (4/11-4/24)

Willard Boepple
John Dilg
Ann Pancake



"A" Session (5/10-5/23)

Sherwin Bitsui
Emily Cheng
Kim Jones

"B" Session (5/23-6/5)

Nicole Cherubini
Matthew Blackwell
Matt Bell



"A" Session (6/7-6/20)

Aimee Nezhukumatathil
Deana Lawson                                                    
Sheila Pepe

"B" Session (6/20-7/3)

Colin Chase                                                                           Tomory Dodge
Stanley Crawford






"A" Session (7/5-7/18)

Madison Smartt Bell
Judy Glantzman
Leonid Lerman

"B" Session (7/18-7/31)

Nayland Blake
Carrie Moyer
Dara Wier



"A" Session (8/2-8/15)

Lisa Russ Spaar
Odili Donald Odita                              
Lenore Malen

"B" Session (8/15-8/28)

Jacob Hashimoto
Judith Simonian
Tom Drury



"A" Session (8/30-9/12)

Ron Carlson
Elaine Reichek
Oliver Herring

"B" Session (9/12-9/25)

Carol Prusa
Chuck Webster
Stanley Plumly


"A" Session (9/27-10/10)

Susan Steinberg
John O’Connor
Nene Humphrey

"B" Session (10/10-10/23)

Won Lee
Magdalena Campos-Pons
Peter Cole



"A" Session (10/25-11/7)

José Manuel Prieto & Esther Allen
Sarah Walker
Hiroyuki Hamada

"B" Session (11/7-11/20)

Siobhan Lidell
Jules de Balincourt
Jody Gladding



"A" Session (11/22-12/05)

Patrick Donnelly
Lisa Sanditz
Carol Hepper

"B" Session (12/05-12/18)

Emilio Perez
Noy Holland