Visiting Artists & Writers Program

VSC's residency format includes six distinguished Visiting Artists and Writers per month. Each Visitor offers a public slide talk or reading, and is available for a private studio visit/writing conference with residents working in their medium/genre. Visiting Writers also offer a craft talk for the writing residents.

Below is the list of our Visiting Artists and Writers for 2016, in order of public talk date. Each Visiting Artist and Writer spends 5 days on campus actively engaging with the VSC community.

2016 Visiting Artists and Writers



"A" Session (1/3-1/16):

Lan Samantha Chang                                                                
Richard Baker
John Monti 

"B" Session (1/16-1/29):

Hope Ginsburg
Dannielle Tegeder
Vievee Francis



"A" Session (1/31-2/13)

David Gilbert
Kevin Appel
Marie Lorenz

"B" Session (2/13-2/26)

Xaviera Simmons
David Kapp
Kwame Dawes



"A" Session (2/28-3/12)

Simone Muench
Gideon Bok
Maren Hassinger

"B" Session (3/12-3/25)

Marc Leuthold
Barbara Grossman
Rikki Ducornet



"A" Session (3/27-4/9)

Steve Scafidi
Sarah Anne Johnson
Diana Al-Hadid

"B" Session (4/9-4/22)

Antonya Nelson
Jose Cobo
Steve DiBenedetto



"A" Session (5/8-5/21)

Gabrielle Calvocoressi
Byron Kim
Jen Bervin

"B" Session (5/21-6/3)

Victor LaValle
Miguel Luciano
Sarah McEneaney



"A" Session (6/5-6/18)

Jane Hirshfield
Gregory Amenoff                                                    
Amanda Ross-Ho

"B" Session (6/18-7/1)

Sam Lipsyte
Jessica J. Hutchins
Steve Locke


"A" Session (7/3-7/16)

Judith Claire Mitchell
John Lees
Alison Saar 

"B" Session (7/16-7/29)

Matt Hart
Amy Yoes
Peter Gallo



"A" Session (7/31-8/13)

Peter Turchi
Vera Iliatova                             
Ruby Sky Stiler

"B" Session (8/13-8/26)

Toi Derricotte
Brian Tolle
Glenn Goldberg



"A" Session (8/28-9/10)

Christine Schutt
James Siena
Beth Campbell

"B" Session (9/10-9/23)

Carl Phillips
Kalup Linzy
Chitra Ganesh



"A" Session (9/25-10/8)

Julian Hoeber
Jeffry Mitchell

"B" Session (10/8-10/21)

Dana Levin
Derrick Adams
Katherine Bradford



"A" Session (10/23-11/5)

Carol Moldaw
Dona Nelson
Ernesto Pujol

"B" Session (11/5-11/18)

Sabina Murray
Thomas Butter
Frances Barth



"A" Session (11/20-12/3)

Willie Perdomo
Njideka Akunyili Crosby
Wendy Maruyama

"B" Session (12/3-12/16)

Robert Cohen
Jean Pierre Larocque
David Humphrey