Gary Clark


Jonathan Gregg
Frederick S. Osborne
Louise von Weise



Kathy Black, Program Director
Sarah Judd, Development Director
Maxine Kelly, Finance/Human Resources Director
Jim MacDowell, Plant Director
Tara Thacker, Visual Arts Director

Housing and Maintenance

Dan Allen, Maintenance
Trevor Corp, Plant Manager
Jake Harnish, Housekeeping
Felicia Lodato, Housekeeping Manager


Mark Hallett, Chef
Jacob Farber, Kitchen Coordinator
Liz Kauffman, Kitchen Manager
Devon Plumly, Kitchen Assistant


Arista Alanis, Community Arts Program
Tom Condon, Development Assistant
Jody Gladding, Writing Program Manager
Carlene Kucharczyk, Writing Coordinator
Harlan Mack, Sculpture/Operations Manager
Kristen Mills, Visual Arts Coordinator
Ben Osborn, Travel Coordinator
Ron Prigat, Admissions Assistant
Estefania Puerta, President's Assistant
Charlotte Reber, Digital Systems Administrator
Maria Robinson, Marketing & Communications Manager
Mara Siegel, Admissions Manager
Holly Simpson, Bookkeeper
Kate Westcott, Receptionist
Rachel Zheng, Communications Coordinator



In exchange for their work, some of these artists and writers receive studio space, housing, food, a small stipend, and interaction with the Visiting Artists and Writers. We are grateful to these talented, hard-working individuals and recognize them for helping make our community possible. 

Current staff-artists opportunities will be posted here when available. 

Learn more about the VSC Staff-Artist Program.

Current employment opportunities will be posted here when available.

Board of Trustees

Sebastian Matthews, Chair
Willard Boepple, Co-Vice Chair
Mary Louise Pierson, Co-Vice Chair
David Marvin, Secretary
James Taylor, Treasurer

Board Chairs Emeritus
Winthrop Conrad Jr. 
Susan Read Cronin
Frederick S. Osborne

Susan Read Cronin
Nicholas Delbanco
Daisy Desrosiers
Leslie Fishman
Alessandra Gregg
Melinda Hackett
Madeleine May Kunin
Sarah Lutz
Kathryn Lynch
Barbara Marks
Musa Mayer
Susan Newbold
Frederick S. Osborne
Jonathan Singer
Teresa Ernst Waterman
Laura Watt
Jo Weiss