Kowalsky Construction Update: 12/19/16-1/3/17

While VSC is on the holiday break, the construction crew will be framing the interior of the Kowalsky Annex and putting the new roof system in place, and the Mechanical, Electrical and Sprinkler teams will be roughing in their work (in both the Annex and Addition). 

Beginning 12/19, the crew will be setting the trusses, which are on schedule to be tied into the main house by the 23rd; there will also be siding prep, and window installation on the Addition after the building is dried in. The porch framing should be underway after the turn of the New Year. 

If you have any questions about Kowalsky House construction, please contact the VSC Main Office (802-635-2727) during business hours (weekdays 8:30am-5pm). The office will be closed for business from 12/23/16-1/2/17.