Kowalsky Construction Update 9/26-9/30


This past week the Kowalsky Annex was decoupled from the main house and stabilized in preparation for its move to a new foundation. 

Beginning Monday, September 26th, an excavator will be on site as the construction crew will begin to excavate the new foundation and work on both the concrete footings and the walls of the Annex. Please do not enter or pass through the construction zone between Kahn and Kowalsky House during this time.

A part of this project may involve moving the sewer line that serves Kahn Barn, which could cause interruptions to the Kahn Barn bathroom & slop sink the first half of next week. However, if any interruptions do occur, the slop sinks and bathrooms in Gallery II and the Kahn Gym will still be operational. 

Finally, unrelated to the Kowalsky project: We will be grading the walkway to Gallery II & Kahn Barn for stormwater management. This will be completed Saturday afternoon before our October residents arrive.