Kowalsky Construction Update 10/3-10/7

(photo credit: Dan Allen)

(photo credit: Dan Allen)

The foundation work for the relocation of the Kowalsky Annex is well underway

At the start of next week, the construction crew will backfill the new foundation for the Annex and then place the Annex basement slab; by the end of the week, the process of relocating the Annex onto its new foundation will begin.

Moving the Annex will take about 4 days, which will extend into the beginning of the week of 10/10. No disruptions to campus life are anticipated during this process.

During this time, parking behind Kowalsky House and in the driveway between Kowalsky & Wolf Kahn Studios remains prohibited, and the VSC community should refrain from passing through the construction zone on foot.

If you have any questions, please contact the VSC Main Office (802-635-2727) during business hours (weekdays 8:30am-5pm).