Kowalsky Construction Update: 4/3-4/14


During the week of April 4th, the interior trim (windows and doors) in the Kowalsky Addition will be completed, followed by a second coat of interior paint. The construction team will also complete work on the exterior decking, while the roofing team finishes up the porch roof. 

In the Kowalsky Annex, the floor finishing will be complete by Friday, 4/7, and the interior trim work will proceed into the week of April 10th. The interior will get a final coat of paint, and the vinyl floors in the baths will be installed. Also during the week of the 10th, the restored original windows are expected to be delivered and installed, after which the Annex exterior will be finished up with some clapboard infilling and a fresh coat of paint.

At this time, construction is occuring between 8am-5pm daily. Parking behind Kowalsky House and in the driveway between Kowalsky & Wolf Kahn Studios is prohibited, as is foot traffic through the construction zone. 

If you have any questions about Kowalsky House construction, please contact the VSC Main Office (802-635-2727) during business hours (weekdays 8:30am-5pm).