VSC has one darkroom available to photographers using traditional black-and-white printing techniques, located on the lower level of the Barbara White Studio building.

Barbara White Darkroom

Black & White Equipment

  • OMEGA D2V enlarger for handling 35, 4x5 and 6x7 negatives and printing up to 16”x20” prints

  • Beseler 45MX II enlarger

  • Lenses: 135mm, 80mm, 50mm

  • Variable contrast filters

General Equipment

  • Light box (9”x12”)

  • 1 Digital enlarger timer and 1 electro-mechanical darkroom timer

  • Seal dry-mount press (14”x17”)

  • Developing reels and tanks for 35mm, 120 & 220 film (but we recommend you bring your own.)

  • Tray and easels up to 16”x20”

  • Paper safe up to 11”x14”

  • Focus magnifier

  • Various mixing and measuring vessels and thermometers


VSC provides miscellaneous supplies and chemistry for use in the darkroom, including Kodak D-76 Black/White Film Developer and Hypo-Check. Additionally, we supply only Eco-Pro brand Neutral Fixer, Clear Stop Bath, and Paper Developer. Please email the Visual Arts Coordinator at visualarts@vermontstudiocenter.org for more information about what chemistry may be available for use during your month at VSC. Other supplies, i.e. film and paper, can be purchased regionally or by mail order (delivery times from New York City are typically 3 days). Photographers may also ship materials ahead of their residency.

By US Post Office:

Your Name
c/o VSC
PO Box 613
Johnson, VT 05656

By UPS, FedEX, or other commercial delivery service:

Your Name
c/o VSC
80 Pearl ST
Johnson, VT 05656