Goal—Raise $350,000

for Fellowships and Financial Assistance

Vermont Studio Center has set an ambitious goal of raising $350,000 in 2019, our 35th anniversary year. These funds, raised through the 35 in 35 Campaign, will be used to underwrite our residency program by creating additional fellowship opportunities for artists and writers who otherwise would not be able to afford a transformative residency experience at VSC.

The 35 in 35 Campaign is our first step toward increasing our capacity to support a more sustainable funding stream for our Fellowship Program. Reaching this goal will enable us to offer more fellowships each year going forward.

35 in 35 Campaign

celebrating 35 years (1984 — 2019)


The best way to celebrate our 35th anniversary is to provide artists and writers additional opportunities to create, connect, and collaborate, with greater access to the arts residency experience.

Last year, 87% of our applicants requested financial aid; VSC offered $1.3 million in grants and financial aid to residents, including 221 full fellowships. Even with this level of aid, a VSC residency still remains out of financial reach for many artists and writers. 26% of our 2017 applicants indicated they would only be able to attend with a full fellowship. Many of our top-scoring applicants are those with the greatest financial need.

In our anniversary year, we want to do more.

The goal of the 35 in 35 Campaign is to raise $175,000 in new fellowship opportunities in 2019. In addition, we will raise $175,000 in merit- and need-based financial assistance.

35 in 35 fellowships, partial fellowships, and financial assistance will benefit artists and writers who, due to financial constraints, may not otherwise have the opportunity for a VSC residency experience.

Now, We Are Asking For Your Support.

Click here for ways you can contribute to the 35 in 35 Campaign and help us reach our goal. Thank you for your investment in creativity!