Founded on the premise of artists supporting artists, the mission of the VSC Press is
to make outstanding prints by prominent artists available to VSC residents and alumni
at substantially reduced rates in order to raise funds for residency fellowships here at VSC.

The VSC Press provides individual collectors, public, and teaching collections operating
within strict budgets an excellent opportunity to purchase prints from a broad spectrum
of important contemporary American artists at exceptional prices. A catalog featuring a
selection of our prints is currently available. If you would like to request a catalog, view
a selection of works, or purchase a print, call the office at 802-635-2727, or write to

The Willey Library Learning Center at nearby NVU offers lending privileges to all VSC residents.
This is a courtesy extended by the college, allowing residents access to the 5,000 volumes in their art and literature library. Please return all borrowed books to the NVU Library before you leave VSC.

The Carter Gym and SHAPE facility are also open to VSC residents. There are three different types of passes available: a one-month membership; a 10-pass card; and a day pass. The facility is equipped with a swimming pool, weight room, racquetball court, and aerobics room. There is also free access to outdoor tennis courts, cross country skiing, and hiking trails on the college grounds. For more information about current prices, hours, facilities, and classes, visit or call 802-635-2356.

Summer, spring and fall temperatures in Vermont range from 35°F-95°F (4°C-35°C). Since most summer weather is moderate, no VSC buildings are air conditioned. If you wish to bring a fan for your studio or room, you are welcome to do so. For summer's cool nights and sudden storms, we recommend a sweater and lightweight jacket. The college pool and state park swimming areas are nearby, so you may also wish to bring a bathing suit.

Winter temperatures range from -30°F to 40°F (-34°C-4°C). All residences and studios are insulated and heated for this climate. Blankets are provided in the rooms, but because each person's comfort level differs, you may want to bring (or ship) a favorite blanket or comforter. In our effort to reduce our impact on the environment, we appreciate your help with making sure doors and windows are kept closed. Thermostats are balanced for the entire building. Please contact the maintenance staff if the temperature in your room or studio needs adjustment.

For the winter, plan to bring warm clothes, winter outerwear, and boots for snow. Layered clothing, long underwear, and sweaters are especially useful in keeping you warm, and formal clothing is never required. If you are driving during the winter months, it is essential that your car have a good battery, antifreeze, proper snow tires, and an ice scraper. For more information on Vermont's weather, visit:

Montreal is a two hour drive from Johnson. If you think that you may want to visit Canada
on your own, you will need to bring your passport, as well as any special visa documentation
you may have. The driver will need an appropriate auto insurance card. If you are not a US
citizen, please call the appropriate consulates before you come to VSC to find out if you need
anything else. Border crossing phone numbers can be found on our Driving Directions page.