CAMPUS Policies & Procedures

Vermont Studio Center is an artists' community committed to nurturing and supporting the creative spirit. This mission can be realized only in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, and any actions that diminish such an atmosphere will neither be condoned nor tolerated. As such, VSC reserves the right to revoke an offer of admission/terminate a residency-in-progress  if it is determined that an individual's behavior does or may jeopardize the quality of experience for other residents, our collaborations with affiliate organizations, or our community relations.

It is the policy of Vermont Studio Center to be a drug-free environment. We also ask
that residents consume alcohol responsibly. Abusers of these policies will be asked to leave.

For safety reasons and to reduce the potential risk to Vermont Studio Center, alcohol and other drugs are not allowed in the studios at any time, including Open Studios events. This policy brings VSC in line with other artists’ communities.

Planned or impromptu gatherings should be held in the resident lounge so as not to disturb fellow residents or town neighbors. For safety purposes, we ask that there be no parties or alcohol consumption in the sculpture shop.

The Vermont Studio Center is committed to providing an environment that is safe and secure for all residents, staff, and others who participate in its programs. Sexual misconduct (including sexual assault), domestic and dating violence, stalking, and related retaliation, as defined by the Sexual Misconduct Policy, are strictly prohibited. A complete copy of the Policy is available for download here. In the event of any perceived discrepancy or ambiguity between this summary and the Policy, the Policy controls.

All incoming VSC residents must download this Resident Handbook acknowledgment form, complete the information, save the form, and return it to VSC at

Briefly, any resident, staff member, or other individual participating in a Vermont Studio Center program may pursue a complaint or conduct prohibited by the Policy externally to local, state, or federal enforcement agencies, including local police; and/or by making a complaint to Maxine Kelly (, VSC Finance and HR Director, (802) 635-2727 x241. If Vermont Studio Center receives a complaint, it will implement interim measures where appropriate and will conduct an investigation in response to any complaint of conduct that, if true, would violate the Policy. At the end of the investigation, appropriate sanctions will be implemented if the Vermont Studio Center determines the Policy was violated.

At check-in, you will receive keys for your housing and studio. There are rolling lockers available in each studio for your materials; if you wish to lock them, please bring a padlock. 

Although it is generally safe here in our rural community, crime can take place in Johnson just like anyplace else. Please maintain awareness of your surroundings and look out for your fellow residents the same way you would in any metropolitan area: stay alert, walk each other home, and make sure the doors of your studio and housing buildings are locked. 

If you witness or encounter any activity or behavior that makes you feel concerned while out in the Village of Johnson, please contact the Lamoille County Sheriff’s Office at (802) 888-3502 and notify the nearest VSC staff member if possible.

Most of the community service exchange assignments are in food service, with only occasional openings in housekeeping, the office, and the yoga studio (available to certified yoga instructors only).

If you have a preference for shift hours or assignments, or if you have a specialized skill in a particular area, please let us know in advance. Although we can’t promise a specific duty, we will try to accommodate your preferences. 

If you find that your community service exchange is getting in the way of your studio time, you may buy out at a cost of $150/week. If you think you might want to buy out, please discuss plans with your service-exchange supervisor as soon as possible, since they will need to make arrangements for coverage of your shift.

By law, smoking is not permitted inside any of VSC's campus buildings  or any public building in the state of Vermont. Smoking is also prohibited on the porches/landings attached to VSC housing buildings, as well as within 25' of the Red Mill ramp/entrance, the Church Studios building, and any other campus buildings that utilize advanced air filtration systems.

You will see "No Smoking" medallions posted at campus locations where smoking is not permitted. Silver ashcans are mounted at all designated outdoor smoking locations. We ask that all residents and staff please use these ashcans mindfully: cigarette litter poses a threat to the natural environment and can negatively impact local wildlife.