Visual Artists

Each of our studios provides residents with 250-350 sq. ft. of private workspace with abundant natural and artificial light. No open music is allowed in studios, so be sure to bring headphones. Also, please respect your fellow artists’ need for quiet, and socialize only in the lounge areas. 

Our studio buildings are open 24 hours a day;  when leaving your studio late at night, please turn off the lights and make sure the door locks behind you. 

If you have a studio issue during your stay, please submit a maintenance request.


Each studio is supplied with an easel, rolling work cart with padlock hasp, stool, chair, ample
wall space, and a large table for flat work. Learn more about our 2D studios.


The Schultz Sculpture Building is equipped with stationary power tools, welding equipment,
and hand tools. The Firehouse Studio houses two 24" diameter, low-fire electric kilns. Sculptors
should bring specialized equipment and any hand tools they use frequently. Learn more about our equipment and facilities for 3D artists.


Located on the first floor of the Barbara White Studio Building, these studios are exclusively for use by those residents who are enrolled as printmakers. The press room is a functional space for up to three printmakers with adjacent private studios. The shop is set up for monoprinting, wood block, linoleum, and collagraph printing. Printers should have prior printing knowledge and expect to work independently. Learn more about our printmaking facilities.


Equipped for black-and-white printing only, our darkroom is located in the basement of the Barbara White Studio Building and is only available to those residents who are enrolled as photographers and request access. Some chemistry is provided by VSC, but photographers should bring any preferred chemicals, film, and paper. Learn more about our darkroom.


Located in the Wolf Kahn Studio Building, this studio offers a model for three hours each weekday for independent work. Residents determine the length and types of poses. We ask those working in the Life Drawing Studio to please follow these guidelines:

  • treat the model with respect and consideration

  • do not touch the model to describe poses

  • do not take photographs of the model

Out of respect for the model and others working in the life room, please keep talking and coming and goings to a minimum. If you have any problems or questions related to one of the models, please contact the office.

A list of models available for professional private modeling is also available.

Health & Safety

VSC is concerned with all of our residents’ health and safety. Proper chemical hygiene should always be used to reduce the risk of fire, maintain indoor air quality, and prevent sensitivities caused by overexposure.  

For this reason, we require that all residents use only artist quality odorless solvents in their studios, which are available from our local art supply shop, The Studio Store, at cost. 

Please note that "odorless" does not mean that the vapors are non-toxic, so please use proper ventilation at all times.

Residents should be aware that the use of all solvents present safety hazards and should be used responsibly to protect the health and  safety of the entire VSC community.

  • You are responsible for the safe handling of all your materials: please make the effort to learn and practice proper safety with tools and materials before using them at VSC.

  • Keep all chemical containers sealed, intact, and clean.

  • Use proper ventilation at all times.

  • Please purchase only as much solvent as you need: solvent disposal is expensive and is treated as hazardous waste material.

Fixatives and other aerosols must be sprayed outside. In the visual art studios, doors and windows are generally closed in the winter to conserve heat, and some studio buildings have open ceilings for better air and heat circulation. Please show consideration for your neighbors when choosing how you use your art materials. If you have any questions or concerns about any products or techniques you plan to employ while here, please contact the office.


The Studio Store, located one block from the Red Mill building, is a fully stocked art supply store selling paints, brushes, and mediums from product lines such as Holbein, Gamblin, Old Holland, Williamsburg,
Sennelier, and Golden. High-quality drawing, watercolor, and printmaking papers and pads are also available. The store also carries a variety of canvas and stretchers, as well as odorless solvents and printing inks. 

The Studio Store is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am—6 pm, Sundays from 12pm-5pm, and on the first Monday of each session from 10am—12pm. Accounts can be opened upon arrival and are payable at the end of your residency. Personal checks and Visa/MasterCard are accepted. If you have
further questions, please contact the Studio Store directly 802-635-2203, or visit


Limited supplies of plaster, clay, and welding gases are available in the sculpture studio (a schedule of prices is posted). We do not supply rubber for moldmaking.

Many basic materials are available from local businesses including Johnson Farm and Garden, Country Home Center (delivery available), and LWI Metalworks. (See Local Services for more information.)

Due to the open nature of the shop we can not accommodate polyester resin or the use of other toxic materials.


Digital images by local professionals are available. For recommendations, contact us at 802-635-2727 or for local photography services. Additionally, a resident group photo is taken at the end of each month.