All writing residents are assigned a private studio space in the Maverick Studios Building. Each of our 16 writing studios overlooks the Gihon River and comes equipped with a large desk, a bookshelf, an adjustable-height desk chair, a reading chair, a cork board, a floor lamp, a desk lamp, and individual heat and light controls. The writing studios are not equipped with computers, so please bring your own.

All Maverick studios have wifi and access to Maverick’s two shared wireless printers (one printer per floor). Printer drivers can be downloaded directly from the internet (information will be provided upon arrival). While our network is secure, VSC recommends that you have virus protection software installed on your computer.

Although we can assist with minor troubleshooting if you have problems connecting to VSC’s network, we cannot offer technical support for other computer-related issues—for information on nearby computer rental and repair, see Local Services.


A few writers may have studio spaces on the first floor of the Church Studios Building on Main Street. These spaces are suitable for writers whose work has a strong visual component or who would benefit from having a more spacious studio. Please let us know in advance of your residency if a studio here would better suit you.

Questions regarding the writing facilities and program can be directed to the Writing Program Coordinator by email at writing@vermontstudiocenter.org.

If you have a studio issue during your stay, please submit a maintenance request.


The ground floor of Mason House serves as the writers’ conference room and library. It contains a wonderful collection of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, anthologies, and reference books, and back issues of various literary journals. The conference space is the location of the Visiting Writer craft talks and is also available for informal gatherings and work-sharing among writing residents. Please note: Residents whose bedrooms are located in Mason House may be sleeping and/or working nearby, so please modulate conversation accordingly.


Locally-owned, independent bookstore Ebenezer Books can order titles from any of the major
distributors and have them delivered to the store within a few days for pick up. They also have a great selection of books by our Visiting Writers and alumni. If you have a book in print, they would be happy to feature it during your residency if at all possible.  Small press titles are not always easy to obtain quickly, so please give the bookstore notice well in advance of your residency. For more information, call 802-635-7472 or email ebenezerbooks@gmail.com.  (Please note: Ebenezer Books does not carry self-published titles.)