Jon Imber Fellowship  

Scott Everingham, Painting, ON, Canada

VSC/Kundiman Fellowship  

Bushra Rahman, Fiction, NY

Marshall Frankel Fellowship for Chicago Artists and SAIC Alumni  

Samantha Hill, Photography and Installation, IL

Oregon Artists Fellowships

Damien Gilley, Painting, OR
Ralph Pugay, Painting, OR

Sustainable Arts Foundation Fellowships  

Donald Morgan, Sculpture, OR
Amy Parker, Fiction, IA

VSC/Cave Canem Fellowship  

Geffrey Davis, Poetry, AR

VSC/Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Creative Writing Fellowship  

Terese Mailhot, Non-fiction, NM

Henry David Thoreau Fellowship

Kristin George Bagdanov, Poetry, CA

VSC/Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowships  

Antonius Bui, Printmaking, TX
Nina Elder, Painting and Drawing, NM
Sean Hurley, Printmaking, IN
Kathryn Lien, Sculpture and Installation, PA
Billy Sims, Sculpture and Video, IL 

Windgate Craft Artists Fellowships

Timothy Gonchoroff, Sculpture / Fiber, VA
Keren Lowell, Sculpture / Fiber, AK
Maria Fernanda Nunez, Sculpture / Metal, CA
Kimberly Winkle, Sculpture / Wood, TN 

Zeta Orionis Fellowship  

Marcelyn McNeil, Painting, TX  

Vermont Studio Center (VSC) Fellowships

Theresa Anderson, Sculpture, CO
Aideen Barry, Sculpture, Ireland
Kirstin Butler, Non-fiction, MA
Tanya Chaly, Painting, NY
Corey Conell, Painting, OH Lauren Fulton, Non-fiction, CO
Shamala Gallagher, Non-fiction, GA
Bernard Grant, Fiction, OH
Cynthia Gunadi, Fiction, MA
Stephen Hanley, Painting, CT
Madelyne Harmon, Painting, CT
Jesse Harrod, Painting / Fiber, PA
Marco Hernandez, Printmaking, KS
Soren Hope, Painting, NY
Allison Malinsky Vilalta, Painting, Spain
Lucas Martinez Graullera, Printmaking, Spain
Sarah McColl, Non-fiction, NY
Jon Mozes, Fiction, NC
Brittany Rudolf, Sculpture, IN
Brenda Peynado, Fiction, OH
Jennifer Perrine, Poetry, IA
Marcos Sanchez, Painting, Chile
Sadia Shepard, Fiction, NY
Sophia Starling, Printmaking, United Kingdom
Ashley Thompson, Painting, NY
Martha Whittington, Sculpture, GA

Civil Society Institute Fellowship  

Lachelle Workman, Photography and Installation, CT

Emerging Artists Fellowships supported by the National Endowment for the Arts

Mikko Harvey, Poetry, OH
Carl E. Hazlewood, Mixed Media, NY
Julia Kwon, Painting, MA
Nathaniel Schmookler, Fiction, VA

James Merrill Poetry Fellowships  

Leslieann Hobayan, Poetry, NJ
Hieu Minh Nguyen, Poetry, MN
Casey Patrick, Poetry, MN 

Grace Paley Fiction Fellowship  

Swati Khurana, Fiction, NY