June 15th, 2017 VSC FELLOWS

Mary Magsamen, Photo/Sculpture/Installation, TX
Mary McMyne, Fiction, MI
Mark Mitchell, Sculpture/Performance/Video, WA
Yue Nakayama, Video, TX
Xin Ni, Video, Performance/Video, MD
Delaney Nolan, Fiction, NC
Wendy Oleson, Fiction, WA
Leah Osowski, Poetry, PA
Brenda Peynado, Fiction, OH
Fatima Policarpo, Nonfiction, CA
Jeremy Rourke, Video/Performance, CA
June Sanregret, Sculpture/Installation, NY
Lucas Schaefer, Fiction, TX
Juliet Shen, Painter, WA
Jessica Smith, Nonfiction, TX
Angela So, Fiction, TX
James Southard, Photography/Video, KY
Katherine Toukhy, Painting/Performance, NY
Lance Turner, Painting/Installation, TN
Lindsey Webb, Nonfiction, MA
Erin Woodbrey, Painting/Sculpture/Installation, MA
Jasmine Yeh, Video/Performance, NY
Hyojin Yoo, Sculpture/Video, F 32, NY
Bassem Yousri, Installation/Sculpture, Egypt


Gaspar Acebo, Sculpture/Installation, Argentina
Sobia Ahmad, Painting/Video, MD
Caylin Capra-Thomas, Poetry, FL
Laura Carlson, Sculpture/Installation, PA
Glynn Cartledge, Painting, NV
Cristobal Cea, Sculpture/Video, NY
Bonnie Chau, Fiction, NY
Cat Chiu Phillips, Sculpture, CA
Rafael Corzo, Sculpture, NY
Kimberly Elkins, Fiction, NY
Anita Enriquez, Sculpture/Performance, CA
Janet Goldner, Sculpture/Installation, NY
Donna Gordon, Fiction, MA
Alexander Hanson, Sculpture/Installation, AR
Jonathan Herrera, Printmaking/Installation, IL
Stephen Hillerbrand, Photo, Sculpture/Installation, TX
Andrew Hladky, Painting, PA
Brionne Janae, Poetry, MA
Andrew Johnson, Nonfiction, MO
Amal Khan, Sculpture/Performance, NY
Carlene Kucharczyk, Poetry, CT
Fei Li, Drawing/Installation NY
Lucy Lindsey, Video/Installation/Performance, CT



Support for our June 15th, 2017 fellows was generously provided by:

The David Bermant Foundation, the Civil Society Institute, the Marshal Frankel Foundation, the #GivingTuesday 2016 Alumni Fellowship Fund, friends of Jon Imber, the Institute for American Indian Arts (IAIA), the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, the Rachel Foundation, the Sustainable Arts Foundation, UMass Amherst, and numerous private individual supporters of the arts.