A Landmark Opportunity to Honor Creative Expression

A rare view of the interior of the historic Church Studios building at the outset of the preservation project

An Exclusive Opportunity to Name a Church Studio Space

Five of the 12 Church studios have already been named, including studios in honor of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation;  painter and Visiting Artist Jon Imber; Frank Cheney Platt of New York's Poets House; and influential 20th-century art historian Meyer Shapiro. Only 7 naming opportunities remain! 

Each named studio is created with a tax-deductible gift of $25,000.  Please contact the VSC President’s Office (by phone: 802-635-2727, ext. 231, or email presidentsoffice@vermontstudiocenter.org) for more information.

Visits and Tours

Current and prospective supporters are encouraged to come and see the new and improved Church Studios. We are pleased to offer private tours of this beautifully restored, fully accessible historic building. Please call the VSC President’s office (802-635-2727, ext. 231) for more information or to schedule your visit.  

A new hybrid-practice studio space in Church

A new hybrid-practice studio space in Church


Consistent with the standards of the VSC Campus Master Plan, the Church Studios have been restored to exceed all state and federal fire, accessibility, and historic preservation codes. Improvements have been made to the foundation, insulation, and mechanical systems to ensure a modest, fully sprinklered, energy efficient, healthy, safe, and durable building for decades to come.  

In addition, each studio space offers improved privacy and sound insulation, individual heat and ventilation control, and parity of studio dimensions, wall space, appropriate equipment and furnishings, and natural and artificial light.  The renovation maintained all structural components, external architectural elements, including the historic stained glass windows facing the street.


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