A Landmark Opportunity to Honor Creative Expression

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The Named Church Studios Project is Underway

VSC is delighted that 3 of the 12 Church Studios have already been named, including one in honor of painters Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, and another in honor of painter and Visiting Artist Jon Imber. Which means that only 9 studios remain! 

Each named studio is created with a tax-deductible gift of $25,000.  Please contact the VSC President’s Office for more information.

All proceeds from the naming of Church Studios will be used to complete the Church Studios renovation, with any excess funds set aside to seed future capital projects as called for in the VSC Campus Master Plan.

The Story of the Church Studios Restoration

Early on the morning of June 7th, 2016, a fire in the VSC Church Studios destroyed the work spaces of 12 VSC resident and staff artists and writers, and nearly destroyed one of Johnson, Vermont's historic Main Street landmarks.

More than 400 individual gifts from VSC alumni and friends were received both immediately after the fire, and then again last winter to meet the Church Challenge (thanks again everyone!), providing the funds to green-light the work now and re-open the building in early 2018.

The restoration of the VSC Church Studios, which is now underway, will pay tribute to the Vermont Studio Center’s enduring support of artists and writers, and to the people and history of Johnson, Vermont.

Tours and Updates

Come see what you will help make possible! We are pleased to offer visits to this historic church as it currently undergoes renovation. Please call the VSC President’s office (802-635-2727, ext. 231) for more information.  

Designer Milford Cushman, who worked with VSC to develop the VSC Campus Master Plan and the schematic designs for the Church Studios, is available to speak with interested Named Studio donors about the renovations now underway.  

 Designer and  philanthropic partner  Milford Cushman ( Cushman Design Group ) shares his vision for preserving and restoring Church Studios

Designer and philanthropic partner Milford Cushman (Cushman Design Group) shares his vision for preserving and restoring Church Studios


Consistent with the standards of the VSC Campus Master Plan, the Church Studios will be re-built and restored to exceed all state and federal fire, accessibility, and historic preservation codes, and to make improvements to the foundation, insulation, and mechanical systems to ensure a modest, sprinklered, energy efficient, healthy, safe, and durable building for decades to come.  

In addition, the studios spaces themselves will be enhanced to offer improved privacy and sound insulation, individual heat and ventilation control, and parity of studio dimensions, wall space, appropriate equipment and furnishings, and natural and artificial light.  The renovation will maintain all structural components, external architectural elements, and the historic stained glass facing the street, and will recreate the historic church entrance on Main Street that had been altered over time.

Our Thanks

To the Johnson Vermont Fire Department and their fellow departments in neighboring towns, for their swift and expert response to the fire without which this opportunity to re-build would not be possible.  

To the 160 VSC friends who made contributions to the Church Fire Fund in the days immediately following the fire; the $17,961 in total contributions provided emergency funds for the relocation of staff and resident studios, to cover material losses, and toward the massive clean up and stabilization work that have now readied the Church Studios for re-construction. 

To the 250+ VSC alumni and friends who made contributions to the Church Challenge this past winter; the $316,000 in total contributions exceeded the $270K Challenge goal; combined with the $270K matching gift, as well as insurance pay-outs, these funds enabled VSC to green-light the Church Studios renovation.

To the people of Johnson, who in 1854 constructed, and have since maintained, a building of such beauty and strength as to inspire this important investment in the building’s future as a Johnson Main Street landmark.

Your named Church Studio will pay homage to an individual of your choice, while also helping restore a historic landmark building and create modern, energy efficient, fully-accessible studios for VSC residents, staff, Visiting Artists, and the public.


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