New Windgate Fellowships for 3D Artists


Since 2015,  the Windgate Charitable Foundation has funded sixteen month-long residency fellowships to exceptional visual artists working in traditional craft media. Over the past few years, we have been delighted to welcome these artists into our community and watch their work develop.

From now through 2/15/19, we'll be offering four Windgate Fellowship awards at each of our fellowship deadlines to support artists working in clay, fiber, glass, metal, wood. To help offset the cost of attending a residency, each Windgate Fellowship includes a  generous stipend of $1,050. 


The [Windgate] fellowship allowed me the opportunity to rigorously engage in creative research and production without the distractions of everyday life and financial concern. Through the immersive experience, I was able to pursue new ideas and ways of making that I would not likely pursue in my home studio. 
Kimberly Winkle, '17 Windgate Fellow

While it may take some time to process everything I’ve created and started during my residency, it was a chance for me to take some risks in my practice and experiment more. I’m confident that my time in Vermont will be reflected in future works or possible collaborations with artists I’ve met here. 
Timothy Gonchoroff,  '17 Windgate Fellow