New School Arts Fellowships


VSC's School Arts Program supports weekly hands-on arts instruction to over 200 low-income rural Johnson Elementary School students. Program Coordinator Arista Alanis ensures that JES students are exposed to VSC’s diverse creative community by inviting residents into the classroom to present their work and to offer hands-on instruction. JES students gain access to an international community of working artists from a wide range of backgrounds, traditions, and disciplines, and come to understand and appreciate art as both a viable vocation and an integral aspect of the human experience.

At our 2/15/18 deadline we're thrilled to offer FOUR  new eight-week  School Arts Fellowship awards. This opportunity is for socially-engaged teaching artists to  work with local K-6 students (approximately 10 hours/week) in coordination with VSC’s school arts program. Each fellowship includes a $1,000 stipend to assist with project planning and materials. Applicants must include a brief (250 words or less) project plan/concept and demonstrate experience in community arts and/or arts education.

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The opportunity to...teach talented students resulted in a two-month course in digital photography, encompassing photography assignments that encouraged students to think deeply about identity and community. I learned as much from them as they learned from me, as they taught me about the local Vermont community through their eyes, their photographs, and their stories. 
—Marilyn Montufar, 2017 School Artist Fellow


[The School Arts Fellowship] allowed me to work on my own craft and have studio time and networking opportunities at the same time allowing me to teach over 200 children the joy that I get from doing my art.
—Sok Song, February 2016

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