Church Studios: The Restoration Has Begun!

Church Studios, Lifted High Above Johnson's Main Street

The renovation and preservation of Church Studios began in early July and is so far proceeding slightly ahead of schedule.  After initial site preparation, the building was elevated to its current position high above Johnson's Main Street while the old foundation was removed and the base grade prepped for footings. The footings were placed in early August, followed by the first half of the foundation.  Currently, the construction team is building the new structural wood walls that the Church will rest on when it is set back down. 

The team expects to to place the second half of the foundation in the first half of the week of the 14th, and will be backfilling the first segment shortly thereafter. The building should back down on the new foundation the last week of August, and renovations will continue from there.

In 2018, Church will reopen as VSC's first highly energy efficient, fully accessible studio building with 12 newly renovated studios, a wheelchair-accessible lift, and an advanced ventilation system. 

Naming a Church Studio is an ideal way to pay homage to distinguished artists and writers, loved ones, mentors, and friends of the arts, whose legacies will live on within a building that will provide workspace and inspiration for 150 artists and writers per year for decades to come.