october 1st, 2017 VSC FELLOWS

Gabriel Houck, Fiction, NE
Genevieve Hudson, Nonfiction, Netherlands
Lori Kella, Photography, OH
Nicholas King, Painting, NH
Christopher Linforth, Fiction, OK
Nathan Margoni, Painting, MI
Patrick McCarthy, Playwright/Screenplay, NY
Lynne McDaniel, Painting, CA
Rangi McNeil, Poetry, NY
Sarah Minor, Nonfiction, IA
Jenny Molberg, Poetry, TX
Alina Perez, Painting, RI
Kat Ryals, Sculpture, NY
Roberto Santiago, Poetry, CA
Geraldine Schwindt, Printmaking, Argentina
Alisa Sikelianos-Carter, Painting, NY
Avia Tadmor, Poetry, NY
Soonae Tark, Painting, NY
Maureen Traverse, Fiction, OH
Spencer Wise, Fiction, FL
Zhiyaun Yang, Photography, NY
Ashley Yang-Thompson, Painting, NY
Amia Yokoyama, Sculpture/Video, NY
Pam Zhang, Fiction, CA
Xiaoqing Zhu Video Art, IL
Rachel Zucker, Poetry, NY


Keegan Adams, Printmaking, OH
Jen Aitken, Sculpture, ON
Mike Alberti, Fiction, MN
Margery Amdur, Sculpture, PA
Mario Ariza , Poetry, NY    
Renz Baluyot, Painting, Philippines
Maria Alejandra Barrios, Fiction, Colombia
Cara Bayles, Fiction, CA
Katie Bethune-Leamen, Sculpture, ON, Canada
Leslie Blanco, Fiction, CA                 
Jamel Brinkley, Fiction, WI
Kevin Brisco, Painting, LA
Michael Cardinali, Photography, MA
Dennis Carroll, Printmaking, CT
Evin Collis, Painting, MB, Canada
Annson Conaway, Sculpture, PA
Shannon Cram, Nonfiction, WA
Chekwube Danladi, Poetry, IL
Anna Fine Foer, Collage, MD
Peter Flemming, Sculpture, PQ, Canada
April Freely, Poetry, OH
Karolina Gnatowski, Sculpture
Adrian Gouet, Painting, Chile
Todd Gronsdahl, Sculpture, SK, Canada
Lynda Harwood-Swenson, Printmaking, WA
Grace Haynes, Painting, CA
K.A. Hays, Poetry, PA


Support for our October 1st, 2017 fellows was generously provided by:

The Bread Loaf Writers’ Conferences; the Civil Society Institute; the Clowes Fund; the Educational Foundation of America; the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation; the Rona Jaffe Foundation; and the Ohio Arts Council; as well as numerous private individuals who provided support for the Jerry Shore Fellowship for Women Sculptors, the Susanna Colloredo Environmental Writing Fellowship, the James Carroll Fellowship, the Dohrn Zachai Fellowship, the Lukas Riveros Amani Fellowship, VSC Fellowships open to all, and the #GivingTuesday Alumni Fellowship.