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Consistent with the standards of the VSC Campus Master Plan, Pearl House will be re-built to meet all state and federal fire, accessibility, and historic preservation codes, and to make big improvements to the foundation, insulation, and mechanical systems to ensure a modest, sprinklered, energy efficient, healthy, and durable home for VSC artists and writers for decades to come.

In addition, Pearl House will offer improved privacy and sound insulation, individual heat and ventilation control, and generous natural and artificial light, to provide a private and comfortable living experience for all Pearl House residents. The renovation will maintain the historic architectural details and both inside and out, while transforming the building into a model of forward-thinking efficiency, safety and modest comfort.

Tours and Updates

Come see what you will make possible! We are pleased to offer tours of this historic residence as it currently stands. Please call the VSC office (802-635-2727) for more information.  

Designer Milford Cushman, who worked with VSC to develop the Campus Master Plan, is also available to speak with potential major project donors to detail the proposed renovations and improvements.  

As the challenge campaign proceeds, updates will be shared via VSC’s social media outlets as we gain on the challenge goal and then, with your help, break ground. We will keep you informed!

Our Thanks

To our lead challenge donors, who have provided the generous stimulus and capacity to put this historic renovation of a landmark VSC building within reach. Without them, we would not be nearly as close to launching this project as we are.

To the donors who have already met the challenge A group including 100% of the  VSC Trustees, inspired by the challenge and the future of Pearl House, have combined to get us more than halfway to the challenge goal. Let’s join their enthusiasm and generosity and meet the full challenge!

To the history and people of Johnson, whose legacy of architecture, a sense of place, and community spirit continues to be an inspiration to VSC and our commitment to the wise stewardship of the landmark buildings in our care.  

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