The Print Shop is designed for monoprinting and is available to artists who have printing experience. Resident printmakers work in a wide range of monotype techniques: collograph, woodcut, linoleum cut, and drypoint.


  • Charles Brand etching press, 28" x 51"
  • 1 Belledonne etching press 26" X 51" 
  • 3 glass palettes, 30" x 40"
  • 2 water baths
  • Etching blankets
  • Small brayers
  • Tools (spatulas, blade knives, files)
  • Homosote boards (for flattening), 32" x 48"
  • Paper towels

Materials and Supplies - Local Dealers:

  • Country Home Center in nearby Morrisville, VT (802-888-3177) sells plywood and other materials and supplies (delivery available).
  • The Studio Store offers newsprint, oil paints, oil sticks, solvents, basic etching inks, finer brushes and a multitude of printing papers at competitive prices.
  • Steel for monoprinting plates (not etching plates) can be obtained from LWI Metalworks (802-888-2394), 15 minutes away in Morrisville.

Shipping materials from home:

Plan ahead if you require materials for specialized techniques that may not be available in northern Vermont. You may bring supplies with you or ship supplies from mail order sources one week before you arrive. 

By US Post Office:

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c/o VSC
PO Box 613
Johnson, VT 05656

By UPS, FedEX, or other commercial delivery service:

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c/o VSC
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