LiT: The Literature in Translation Program

Residencies for Writers and Translators

Six of VSC's 2015 Luce Chinese poetry & translation fellows (left to right): standing: Yang Xiaobin, Canaan Morse, Jennifer Feeley, and Zang Di; sitting: Eleanor Goodman and Tang Sui-Wa

Six of VSC's 2015 Luce Chinese poetry & translation fellows (left to right): standing: Yang Xiaobin, Canaan Morse, Jennifer Feeley, and Zang Di; sitting: Eleanor Goodman and Tang Sui-Wa

Applications for our 2018 VSC/Luce Foundation Chinese Poetry & Translation Fellowships will be accepted online until March 1st, 2018.

There is no application fee to apply for these opportunities.

This is the sixth year that we have partnered with the Luce Foundation to offer these exciting translation pair fellowships!

LiT Program residencies are an exceptional opportunity for international writers and English-language translators to create new work individually and in collaboration, to find a wider audience for contemporary writers through translation, and to participate in literary exploration and cultural exchange as members of the global creative community at VSC.

At our March 1st, 2018 deadline, VSC will award 10 four-week collaborative residencies to:

  • 5 poets, living anywhere in the world, whose primary language is Chinese. These awards include roundtrip travel and a discretionary stipend.
  • 5 English-language translators working with Chinese poetry. These awards include a discretionary stipend.

These joint-residency fellowships are available to established working pairs, but applicants do not have to be part of an established working pair to be eligible for these awards. 

We encourage all interested poets and translators to apply--independently selected applicants will be paired by our jury, and each pair will create new work individually and in collaboration during their stay.

2017 Fellows

Mary Bradley, Translation, Hong Kong     
Matthew Cheng, Poetry, Hong Kong     

Wang, Yin, Poetry, Shanghai, China     
Andrea Lingenfelter, Translation, CA

Qinyun Zhu, Poetry, Shanghai, China              
Stephen Nashef, Translation, Guangzhou, China     

Han Bo, Poetry, Shanghai, China           
Catherine Platt, Translation, NJ, US          

Yoyo Yu, Poetry, Chengdu, China  
Henry Zhang, Translator, Beijing, China

2016 Fellows

Sun Yi, Poetry, Poetry, New York, NY
Brian Holton, Translation, Roxburghshire, UK

Xiao Kaiyu, Poetry, Shanghai, China
Christopher Lupke, Translation, Pullman, WA

Amang Hung, Poetry, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Stephen Bradbury, Translation, Taipei, Taiwan

Jiang Hao, Poetry, Haikou, China
Chenxin Jiang, Translation, Shanghai, China

Jiang Tao, Poetry, Beijing, China
Josh Stenberg, Translation, Vancouver, Canada

2015 Fellows
Ye Mimi, poetry, Taipei, Taiwan
Steve Bradbury, translation, Ft. White, FL (September 2015)

Yang Xiaobin, poetry, Taipei, Taiwan
Canaan Morse, translation, Beijing, China (January 2016)

Tang Siu Wa, poetry, Hong Kong
Jennifer Feeley, translation, South Lyon, MI (January 2016)

Song Lin, poetry, Dali, China
Yu-Han Chao, translation, Merced, CA  (May 2016)

Ji Mu Lang ge, poetry, Chengdu, China
He Xiao Zhu, poetry, Chengdu, China
David Dayton, translation, Sacramento, CA (August 2016)

Cao Shuying, poetry, Hong Kong
Andrea Lingenfelter, translation, Kensington, CA (August 2016)

2014 Fellows
Yi Sha, poetry, Xi’an, China
Martin Winter, translation,Vienna, Austria (October 2014)

Sio San (Susanna) Un, poetry, Macao, SAR
Jeremy Tiang, translation,New York, NY (December 2014)

Huang Fan, poetry, Nanjing, China
Margaret Ross, translation, New York, NY (January 2015)

Duo Duo, poetry, Haikou, China
Mindy Zhang, translation, Granada Hills, CA (March 2015)

Zang Di, poetry, Beijing, China
Eleanor Goodman, translation, Boston, MA  (rescheduled to January 2016)

2013 Fellows
Song Huiyuan, poetry, Zhejiang Province, China
Meifu Wang, translation, Washington, DC  (September 2013)

Lu De’an, poetry, Fujian Province, China
Ming Di (Mindy) Zhang, translation, Granada Hils, CA (October 2013)

Yu XinQiao, poetry, Beijing, China
Brian Holton, translation, Roxburghshire, Scotland (November 2013)

Zhu Zhu, poetry, Beijing, China
Dong Li, translation, Providence, RI (June 2014)