Vermont Artists Week 2019
April 29th to May 6th

Vermont Artists Week supports creative community within our home state through an intensive week of studio work and fellowship with other Vermont-based artists and writers.  Vermont Artists Week offers VT artists and writers the opportunity to immerse themselves in their studio practice, share their creative work with others, and establish networks throughout the state to strengthen a sense of creative community and support that extends far beyond the week itself. 

All Vermont Artists Week residencies include:

  • Private room

  • Private studio space

  • Visiting Artist and Writer lectures/readings

  • All meals

The all-inclusive cost to participate in Vermont Artists Week is $200.
We also request 6 hours of work from each resident in support of the community; work assignments range from kitchen help to gardening to library assistance , and will be arranged with you upon enrollment. 

The deadline to apply for Vermont Artists Week 2019 was January 15th.


Thanks to the generous support of the Vermont Community Foundation's Arts Endowment, the Vermont Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, and numerous individual donors, we are able to reduce our residency fees by 80% to make this special one-week residency opportunity more accessible to artists and writers across the state.